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HeatherGlen Rates

We have made an innovative move to implement Dynamic Pricing. This buying experience ensures that golfers can look at tee times in real-time and then pick the tee time, price and date that best suits their needs. There are multiple pricing options everyday to choose from. 

What is dynamic pricing?
Dynamic pricing is a value pricing model in which costs for a product or service fluctuate in real-time based on supply and demand. If you've ever shopped for a Flames ticket, flight, or a hotel room online, or called an Uber, you're familiar with the concept. We will now price our tee times similar to the NHL and the hotel industry. Our prices will rise and fall with the availability.
How are prices determined?
Our tee sheet software automatically uses an algorithm based on historical data as well as a combination of real-time information such as time, day, weather and, most importantly, demand to determine its online tee time prices. Our BASE rate is ALWAYS set up to 7 days in advance and then at 6 days in advance, it adjusts as tee times fill in or are left vacant.  This 7 day window gives you the opportunity to secure your tee time at the same posted rate each week.  
How do I get the best price?
  • Book Online: The best price will always be online or by downloading our Play Golf Calgary App.
  • Be Flexible: If you're a golfer who has some flexibility in your schedule, there can be some great deals for you if you choose to play on days or times where demand is low.
  • LOAD a Play Golf Calgary Card:  Download our Play Golf Calgary App, Click on Play Golf Calgary Card and you can load one right from your phone.  Book 8 Days in Advance, AND receive 10%-20% off your green fees every time you play. 
Can I still book my tee time over the phone or in person?
Of course! Give us a call, we will quote you the appropriate rate and you can still pay for your tee time over the phone.

What if I need to cancel after I pay?
You will be able to cancel a tee time and receive 100% return if you cancel up to 24 hours before the tee time.

For information, please call our proshop at 403-236-4653 or click here to book online now!

BASE Greenfee Rate (18 Holes)
Monday to Thursday $62.90
Friday to Sunday, and Holidays $67.90
Twilight (Starting at 5 pm) $54.90
Nighthawk (3 Hours Before Dark) $38.90
Power Carts (Per Person)
18 Holes $25.00
Twilight $17.00
Nighthawk $15.00
Driving Range
Small Bucket $7.00
Medium Bucket $10.00
Large Bucket $16.00

All Rates are Subject to 5% GST

Course Guidelines

  • We have a dress code: Dress restrictions are in effect at all times on the golf course and premises. No work jeans, gym shorts, sweat pants, muscle shirts or offensive T-shirts.

  • Our liquor policy: No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the golf course unless purchased from HeatherGlen, as per AGLC regulations. This policy will be strictly enforced.

  • Food and beverage products: All food and beverage products must be supplied through HeatherGlen.

  • Speed of play: Maximum time permitted to play a hole should not exceed 15 minutes. This will produce a 4 1/4 hour round. The course marshal has the right to move groups, have players pick up on a hole, and remove players from the course.