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The HeatherGlen Academy

HeatherGlen is proud to offer Calgary and surrounding area a golf academy that encompasses a high level of instruction with an affordable and fun atmosphere.  Our PGA of Canada instructors pride themselves in helping golfers of all skill levels improve their swings and lower their scores. Lesson topics can include, but are not limited too: Full Swing, Short Game, Putting, Chipping / Pitching and Bunker Play & On-Course playing lessons to help you manage your game.


Wes McLeod, PGA of Canada Teaching Professional - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wes turned professional in 2009 and has been instructing and coaching golf in various facilities around Calgary including the Eaglequest Golf Dome and Golftec. Wes has taught over 3000 lessons ranging from beginners to more serious players that have gone on to play on various tours around the world. He has developed instructional programs ranging from individual coaching, junior/ladies groups, short game and corporate clinics as well as on course and club fitting sessions. Wes considers himself a golf coach rather than instructor and prides himself on tailoring the lesson to the needs unique to each player as an individual. If having fun and learning, all while improving your game is your goal, and whether individually or in a group then lets make golf more enjoyable together.


Emerson Green, PGA of Canada Apprentice Professional - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emerson is currently working on becoming a Class A Professional and 2024 will be his second year with HeatherGlen. While at a very young age Emerson was introduced to the game of golf, having been lucky enough to learn and develop his game with many great teaching professionals. One being Derek Ingram, one of Canada's top teaching professionals and from these teachings he has constructed his teaching philosphy and plans by currently focusing on two types of lessons, one being the "Constructive lesson" and the other being the "Correction lesson"

Constructive Lesson: We will begin on working with you're grip, Posture, Ball positon, Aim and Alignment, I want to help build the most effective swing for that persons body type and their unique tendencies. This type of lesson will be reserved for the new golfer or junior golfer, but also a great refresher for any experiecned player struggling with these key areas of improvement.

Correction Lesson: Will work with a golfers existing swing, perhaps you are currently in a swing 'Slump". You might be slicing or shanking the golf ball, perhaps you're aim and alingment is off, the list of possibilities are endless! We will work together at getting all the parts working together and getting back to more consistant ball striking so you can continue to improve and enjoy the game to its fullest!